Thursday, February 5, 2009

Validation is the best Reward!

I received an email out of the ordinary: Re: Working on a story about negative gram bacteria......

OK, I must admit the curiosity killed me, and the researcher in me starts checking references, and my heart is filled with joy someone cares, and my heads says - It must be a joke.......I am a little off kilter by now.

The skeptic in me, starts calling my #1 resource of knowledge and bonded friendship
Marcie Hascall Clark - This woman is wealth of knowledge, down to earth, walks the walk and shares her knowledge to educate others.

She was sent to me via a "Guardian Angel" my mom- knowing how inquisitive I am, and that I would educate myself and others in the journey to tell her story. It is my quest and challenge.
I wear it everyday, the joy, the loss and blessing of opportunity to validate and advocate in her name. That is what Mom's do, they instill in you dedication, knowledge & power in the worst of times to prevail and forge ahead. Its an everyday challenge to be the woman to fill her shoes.

Opportunity knocks, will you answer - that is the challenge???

The future is looking brighter....Count your blessings!

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