Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tell Congress to STOP Hospital Infections in Ohio

Please take action:

I just took action to support the reduction of hospital and community acquired infections by asking my US Senators and Representative to co-sponsor legislation that will disclose hospital infection rates to the public. Every year almost 100,000 people die from infections they acquire in the hospital. These infections add significantly to overall hospital costs, which CDC estimates to be as much as $27.5 billion a year. But we have no way of knowing whether our local hospitals are doing a good job preventing these deadly infections. Please send an email now to your members of Congress and ask them to co-sponsor S2278 by Senator Durbin, HR 4214 by Rep. Cummings, and HR 1174 by Rep. Tim Murphy. To send an email just like I did, please go to just takes a few minutes to fill in the blanks

Our voices combined will make a difference!

Searching for others in Ohio to network information

My goal here is to network vital infectious desease information directly from people in Ohio.

From my own personal experience I am looking to find and reach out to others for your personal experiences and life stories to assist each other in life saving information.

Please keep in mind that hospitals are not required to report all Infectious desease information to the general public by the Ohio Revised Code. It seems to be a dirty secret, that no-one wants to provide statistics. So I am looking to empower the public with facts.