Thursday, February 5, 2009

Legal Representation - Deadline April 2009

The statute of liamitations are about to expire April 22, 2009 for a wrongful death claim.

After careful consideration and review, I have been declined by 16 law firms for the
"Alleged Medical malpractice incident of the death of my mother, Laura Ruth Burns"

Do you call death in 17 days - "Alleged"
or Everyone is employed by "Ohio Health" we won't point the finger in the circle of PROFIT.

or better yet - Let's tell congress to change the LAW in OHIO -make a change

Twenty five states have led the way with laws to give their citizens this important patient safety information and four states have passed MRSA screening laws. It's time for Congress to join this national movement to prevent the spread of infections in our hospitals and communities.

Go to:

Fill in the blanks to make a difference in OHIO

Tell your story -

Kacia Warren: Last November, you contacted Consumers Union’s Stop Hospital Infections campaign ( and told us about the Acinetobacter baumanni infection your mother died from after outpatient surgery for a laminectomy. I am so sorry to hear about what your mother went through and for your loss. We really appreciate hearing from you because it helps us to better understand how devastating hospital infections can be and how urgent it is to push hospitals to improve patient care.

We were recently contacted by a reporter at the Los Angeles Times who is writing a story on antibiotic-resistant infections like the one your mother developed in the hospital. The reporter is interested in interviewing people who have suffered from these infections or those who have lost loved ones to them. News stories like this one help us to raise public awareness about hospital acquired infections and help support our efforts to improve patient safety.

I’m writing to see if you might be willing to be interviewed about your mother’s story. If so, please provide me with a phone number and the best time to reach you.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Validation is the best Reward!

I received an email out of the ordinary: Re: Working on a story about negative gram bacteria......

OK, I must admit the curiosity killed me, and the researcher in me starts checking references, and my heart is filled with joy someone cares, and my heads says - It must be a joke.......I am a little off kilter by now.

The skeptic in me, starts calling my #1 resource of knowledge and bonded friendship
Marcie Hascall Clark - This woman is wealth of knowledge, down to earth, walks the walk and shares her knowledge to educate others.

She was sent to me via a "Guardian Angel" my mom- knowing how inquisitive I am, and that I would educate myself and others in the journey to tell her story. It is my quest and challenge.
I wear it everyday, the joy, the loss and blessing of opportunity to validate and advocate in her name. That is what Mom's do, they instill in you dedication, knowledge & power in the worst of times to prevail and forge ahead. Its an everyday challenge to be the woman to fill her shoes.

Opportunity knocks, will you answer - that is the challenge???

The future is looking brighter....Count your blessings!

Validation is so Rewarding......

I received an email that read:

Do you trust your hospital????

Over the last two weeks, I have been asking people: Do you trust your hospital??????

While at the Dr. last week, he asks: So how has your last year been?
I am sure my face gave it away before the words pour out like this........
Well I have suffered a major catastrophic event...My Mother passed - he responds...parents die.
I am sure the fear of God look, gave him some concern, and the welling of tears - my brain thinking "How dare You" My response was a little combative - I don't trust Dr's or hospitals.
So are you in grief counseling? Yes, I have read 15 books, counseling, writing & educating because of the impact it has made on me, I want to educate others of the risks of infection in hospitals to help reduce the death rate of healthy people.

I know this sounds a little crazy, but it was the best advice I have heard in a long time.
His response, the public does not want to know! I am a Dr, and I don't know the % rates.
The public goes to the hospital for treatment to get better, and they don't think or care about the negative until it directly effects them. Good-Bad or in-different. I bet if you surveyed 20 people they will tell you they don't care or know where the information is recorded or how to obtain it - to know what their risks are. Its so true - SAD but true and only challenges me more
he hit a fire under me like no other motivation I have had in such a long time.

When one door closes a window of opportunity opens!!!!