Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Mother's Day - I wish you were here.


I wish you were here everyday, but today has been extremely difficult. We lost another child to cancer and he (Ryan) was delivered to heaven via his bright red corvette. I know you will see him there because you loved hot red cars, and Ryan has a message to share with others too. He was wise and kind beyond his years. It is so difficult to lose a part of your family.

I am still trying to focus on the positive and look ahead but some days its truly just the grief
driving my day, just to get through it. I miss you soooooooooo much it hurts, always wanting to pick up the phone to tell you about what is going on in life. I know that you are watching over me but the emptiness takes over at times and I forget to live life.

I am still advocating in your honor to help save lives from senseless hospital acquired negative-gram infections. You will be on TV soon and the newspapers articles are giving validation to the cause. People are listening and your life story has made an impact on those who have the power to change the system. I will continue to fight this battle and make a difference until its an a OHIO law.

I see & talk to you in the beautiful lilies & angel in my memory garden in the backyard.
I am getting along without you, I feel you in my heart but its still broken. Selfishly I wish you were here, but I know that you were needed to take care of others in heaven.

All my love