Thursday, February 5, 2009

Do you trust your hospital????

Over the last two weeks, I have been asking people: Do you trust your hospital??????

While at the Dr. last week, he asks: So how has your last year been?
I am sure my face gave it away before the words pour out like this........
Well I have suffered a major catastrophic event...My Mother passed - he responds...parents die.
I am sure the fear of God look, gave him some concern, and the welling of tears - my brain thinking "How dare You" My response was a little combative - I don't trust Dr's or hospitals.
So are you in grief counseling? Yes, I have read 15 books, counseling, writing & educating because of the impact it has made on me, I want to educate others of the risks of infection in hospitals to help reduce the death rate of healthy people.

I know this sounds a little crazy, but it was the best advice I have heard in a long time.
His response, the public does not want to know! I am a Dr, and I don't know the % rates.
The public goes to the hospital for treatment to get better, and they don't think or care about the negative until it directly effects them. Good-Bad or in-different. I bet if you surveyed 20 people they will tell you they don't care or know where the information is recorded or how to obtain it - to know what their risks are. Its so true - SAD but true and only challenges me more
he hit a fire under me like no other motivation I have had in such a long time.

When one door closes a window of opportunity opens!!!!

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