Thursday, February 19, 2009

On a wing & a prayer.......GET Inspired!

Do you ever feel like no-one is listening to you.......that when you tell your story it is unbelievable? Today I feel gratitude & inspired that I can tell my story - that is true and accurate to the public and help change & save lives.

Do you know the Oprah show of simple abundance? I somehow feel like it is taking part in my life and unfolding right before my eyes. Oprah insists on doing the simplest things that create change around you will bring you joy, blessings and knowing how grateful you really are.

Today I received an email that has made a huge impact in my life. I note of validation, gratitude and knowing that I really have made others read, think and make a change to help others in our
battle to save lives by reporting negative gram bacteria to the public. I am grateful & blessed!

My journey started out of frustration that no one I should be careful what you wish for, dreams do come true. I am living proof. My biggest dream is to make an impact, just enough to change a law. My largest obstacle, no one wants to change or inform the public. It is very political and a grass roots organization of a mother on a mission is not enough, to get people in government offices to listen. I started writing letters, searching the internet and looking for people in my area for news articles and death certificates knowing that their others, if I could just find them, their is a voice in numbers. Time will tell.

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