Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Grant Medical Center - Trauma - Columbus, OH

I received a letter today from Grant Hospital, Columbus, Ohio responding to the QA survey that I sent after the death of my Mom. You know the standard form they provide regarding your experience at the hospital.

You will be surprised and shocked as I was regarding the content. Did you know.....the hospital is so perfect they could not find ONE single thing from improving there ability to assign a room from surgery without waiting 4 hours. Supervision of a technician whom is assisting a patient who just had back surgery, without a gain belt, or walker or assistance. My biggest compliant, not putting the call button where it can be reached to call for help. Unbelievable!

I know and work in the health care field. I am not a profectionist by any means. I only want the hospital to take responsibility for their actions and lack of that killed my loved one.
Once again the hospital is NOT telling the public the truth. They have a ton of money to do radio and television advertisements to tell you how "Wonderful" it is. LIARS!!!!!!
If they had to report the infection rate to the public - It's amazing that the hospital would be open to serve the sick. That is my opinion, I have experienced it.

**I know that all hospitals and care centers have amazing staff and medical providers**They are angels sent to heal others, I know my Mom, was a nurse! It's a gift

This is the most frustrating part of healing. Dealing with the administrative people, who have no idea what you just experienced. They are very condescending with little regard that "They" are only doing their job to make it better. So when you get a phone call or letter from the hospital it really hits home, the reality of it SUCKS! and life moves on in your desperate attempt to put your life together and breath ---trying to function and move on.

So when you get a survey, TAKE the time to report your concerns and ways they can make improvements and make the hospital QA dept earn there money. Responding to the people.
Possibly, they would make a positive change to serve others in a healthly respectful manner.

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