Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Looking for Ohio Surviors- Please respond your NOT alone!

I am looking for healing and educating others whom have suffered and lossed a loved one from an Infectious Disease. I lost my Mother in 17 days, it can happen to anyone who is treated in an infected hospital and and you many not even know or realize until they pass.

I was notified of the infection- resulting in 72 hours of hope, treatment & praying for a drugs to work. The reality of knowing that your loved one is dying and there is nothing you can do.
I did everything i my power and resources to grant her wishes to pass with dignity. I know we are not the one in a million in Columbus, OH. I see postings but have not made contact with others in my area.

To use what I know to tell others of the dangers in the hospital and educate others and change the Ohio laws. That is my goal. If I can help one person and provide support to a family in need. I will be paying it forward in "Ruth's name, because she always gave to others.

Please send me your experiences, share your knowledge and educate me.
Best wishes for a positive and healthy New Year!

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