Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How much are you WORTH.......Health care for PROFIT!

This week, the new administration convenes a national summit about our nation's long overdue investment in health care -- an investment that will lead to new jobs, new industries, and a renewed ability to compete with the rest of the world.

Because we've let a broken system founder, we each spend more than ever for health coverage, and get less for it. While giant health insurance companies pay their CEOs huge bonuses and rake in fat profits -- about $13 billion last year -- we get nickel-and-dimed for every treatment. Small businesses struggle to survive.

If we keep letting the big insurance companies run the show, our health care system will remain, like Wall Street, broke and unreliable.
Tell your lawmakers to come together now and make the long overdue investment in affordable health choices.

This week's summit is a bipartisan first step towards fixing our economy by fixing our health care system. Join millions of other Americans today -- part of a national coordinated action -- to tell Congress to give us relief from unaffordable health care costs and unreliable insurance coverage.

As unemployment hits new highs, each layoff from those companies that offer insurance means another family without coverage. Small businesses which create two thirds of all new jobs are getting hammered by health care costs, further dragging down our economy. And the millions of Americans who work hard and still have insurance end up paying more for care because others can’t afford to pay at all.

Tell Congress to get our economy moving by taking the worry out of health coverage.

If we want to put people before profit in these hard times, then we need new health care options, and we need to ask for it right now. Your voice, joined by millions of others TODAY, can let our leaders know we won’t stand by any longer while the big insurance companies dictate our health care and costs. So HOW MUCH ARE YOU WORTH? Please take action.....

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